Variable In Filename Reference

  • I'm working on a spreadsheet that will access two weeks worth of data at a time. Is it possible to have the filename reference contain a variable or a link to another cell in it?

    For example:
    G:\Mail\CPU logs\Mids\2006\Feb-06\[mids02-06-06.xls]PRODLOG'!A1

    Is it possible to make "[COLOR="Red"][mids02-06-06.xls][/COLOR]" a variable that refers to a cell to pull the file name? I know how to build the filename in a cell based on the date entered in a different cell, but I would like this spreadsheet to be self-sufficient so that I don't have to manually change the formula every two weeks.

  • Re: Variable In Filename Reference

    I don't have any VBA knowledge, so is it safe to assume I'm more or less stuck with manually altering the code?

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