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  • I have a file in Excel and need 6 people to evaluate 1 person (using seperate worksheets). Each of the 6 cannot view the other's answers. All the answers then transfer to a matrix and charts within the workbook, also not to be visable to others. How do I send this file to each, then get file back as one file. do I share the workbook or ??.. I would need to do this for apx. 50 people being evaluated. Would I have 50 files or ?, how could I keep track in one file if needed? Sorry this is so long.

  • Hi jdee,

    I think having 1 file would be too big-- 50 people X 6 evaluators + summary sheets + charts.

    Since each of the 6 people doing the eval have to work seperately, you could change the structure and give each of them a workbook with 50 sheets (1 for each person being evaluated). When complete, you could consolidate the info from Sheet1(person1) from each of the 6 workbooks into a master matrix workbook - either 1 for each person or 1 master for all 50 people depending on space.

    Thats probably the easiest way around the privacy issue.


  • Ralph: Thank you for taking the time to answer. I'm working on a way to do what you said. I'm not sure how to consolidate all yet, but am considering trying to use merge workbooks or perhaps even using a database to do so. thanks again for your time in answering. J.Dee

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