Combo-box Control Source

  • Hi Access VBA Gurus,

    Till now, in Access forms, I have used just standard Textbox controls as control sources for fields in an underlying Table or Query. I would now like to to use a combo-box as a control source instead, so that I can restrict user input in a field to entries in a list of 5 valid or 'acceptable' values. How do I do this?

    I mean, what do I put in the Combo-box's ControlSource and RowSource properties? Just in case it helps, my Combo-box is to act as a control for the 'Customer Type' field in qryCustomer, and I have a simple 'lookup' table which lists the 5 valid 'Customer Type' values.

    Hope my question makes sense... And a million thanks in advance to anyone/everyone who can advise me on this.


  • Re: Combo-box Control Source

    Hi there,

    Try opening your form in Design View, right-click on your combo box, select Properties, set the Row Source Type property to Table/Query and select your 'lookup' table in the Row Source property.


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