[Solved] Cancel

  • I have a program which, if a file does not exist (a 'special' .txt file) then the workbook is closed. The 'special' file is a simple text file which the 'book looks for on loading - if not there then the program is presumed copied and closed. Sounds simple enough but in practice a dialogue box pops up asking if you wish to save (Yes/No/Cancel) - can I disable this box?

    Answers, as always, appreciated.


  • rem1224

    It worked a treat - If someone tries to copy my program without my permission they're in for a shock! The 'controlling' file - ie:- the one whose presence is vital for the program to run is in a different folder and contains plain text not related to the program and so looks quite innocent. The VBA code is protected by a password so, together, they should deter anyone but the most determined and computer literate. It will look as though the program contains a fatal bug. What would we do without this forum and it's many learned members?


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