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  • Hey. I am using a button on a custom-made form to create a new worksheet. Clicking the button will:

    1. Ask for a name
    2. Make a worksheet using that name
    3. Give worksheet a random color
    4. Insert Name into A1
    5. Bold, and change name to size 24 in A1
    6. Insert a command button into the new worksheet.

    Step #6 is the ONLY one that doesn't work, mostly because I don't know how to do it. Another worksheet has a command button on it already that is attached to a totally different macro. I would like an exact duplicate of that command button on every new page added with this user form. (It can't be a copy and paste code in case I should update the other button in the future.) How can I use VBA code to automatically create a working command button for step 6?

  • Re: Vba To Insert Command Button

    Here's some code generated with the macro recorder with some minor changes:

  • Re: Vba To Insert Command Button

    That works for adding a button, which I see is attached to the AddLimitsToChart macro you must have created. That is more than I knew how to do; thanks. However, what I really need is not only for the button to be created but for it to be created as an identical copy of the other button on another sheet. Like a clone. It would be nice if it automatically updated itself each time the spreadsheet turned on as well. It can't just be a link; it needs to be a duplicate link. Does that make more sense?

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