Clearing Contents Of Cells

  • Hello,

    My computer runs on Excel 2003 but my Laptop is on Excel 2000, the problem is I have the below code on a spreadsheet I wrote on my Computer which runs fine but when I open it on my Laptop it comes up with a run time error it doesn’t like the clear contents line.

    If some one could explain to me why it is happening and how to get round the problem so it will work in Excel 2003 and 2000 that would be much appreciated.



  • Re: Clearing Contents Of Cells

    Hi Nathan,

    In Office 2000 only objects ChartArea and Range apparently can be used with ClearContents.
    I'm wondering why you use Selection, it seems like no use to me.


  • Re: Clearing Contents Of Cells


    I broke the code down into two lines so I could see at which point it was breaking down as having the line below it still didn't work, Sorry new to VBA programming


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