Combine/merge 51 Workbooks In Same Folder

  • Hello, I'm new to this site...
    I have 51 workbooks that I would like to combine into one workbook. Each workbook varies in number of rows, but have the same number of columns. There are 31 Columns (AE).

    Is there a fast way of doing this or will I have to cut and Paste?

    Thank You and I hope my question was clear. I did a search before hand...I really got lost reading all the q/a and couldn't tell if the question was similiar to my question and then following some of the responses were difficult. I appoligize if this has been asked and answered. If so, please direct me...


  • Re: Combine/merge 51 Workbooks In Same Folderr


    51 Workbooks with 3 worksheets in each book, but only the first worksheet contains data

    Yes, all workbooks are in the same folder...


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    You could try this code and let me know how you get on... this is an adaptation of code that Batman wrote here on ozgrid -…highlight=merge+workbooks

    Change the Path at the top of the code to suit whatever you need -> currently pointing to C:\test\...

    This will search ALL worksheets in all workbooks in the given path and copy them into this worksheet (current open worksheet where the macro is running....


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