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    Quote from Natalie

    that works but only for one cell when i drag the formula down it still returns the wrong text. It need one formula that will return the correct text for information that fills 65,000 rows in excel.


    So you respond to the post and I tell you that you need to change the formula for the rows you have - all I gave you was the answer to the sample you posted!

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    Note that if you do sort the table and use that LOOKUP formula then it will return a "closest match", e.g. if A1 contained "WEST GARDENS", which doesn't exist in your lookup table, you'll get a result of "SYD". You probably don't want that so revise formula to:

    =IF(LOOKUP(A1,lookup_table!$B$1:$B$38)=A1,LOOKUP(A1,lookup_table!$B$1:$C$38),"No Match")

    This is a more efficient formula than using VLOOKUP on an unsorted lookup table, especially if you have 65000 rows

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