[Solved] Clipboard copy from XL into Word

  • I have an XL macro that copies selected rows/cols into the clipboard, then the user pastes the clipboard data into a Word document. The paste into Word is hanging up with an hourglass. It used to take about a minute to copy. In one week it jumped up to 9 minutes.

    The copy process is within the macro, the paste process is a manual process. At first I thought maybe the data was getting too big for the clipboard, but last week it was 36,094 characters, this week it's 36,496 characters - an additional 402 characters.

    Any ideas as to why this could suddenly be taking so long to paste??


    OS = XP, Office = XP

  • I'm creating a new Word doc each time.

    It seems to be related to the number of rows (or char or cells?) I'm copying. There's a total of 603 rows in the sheet. If I paste 580 rows it takes 45 sec. If I paste 585 rows it takes 9 min.

    Is there some "magic" number of char, cells, rows, combination of all that Excel does extra formatting when pasting?


  • Hi mj,

    No "magic number" that I know of, unless you are short of RAM and there is a lot of memory to disk swapping going on - but it still should not take 9 minutes.

    Can you post a copy of the excel file (with the data you are copying) and the macro that creates the word file so someone can take a look?


  • Hi Ralph,

    Well, in making mods to the macro and data so that I could post it, I think I uncovered the problem. I believe that the problem is in the formatting of date fields. The data is created on a mainframe and FTPd to the PC. Then macros are run to manipulate the data into an acceptable format.

    Somewhere along the line the date values are dinked up. I suspect that it's always been this way, but when the user was upgraded from Office 97 to XP the problem came to the surface. We've had at least one other instance where XP "fixes" something that Office 97 allowed.

    Now I just need to figure out how to fix the data!

    Thanks for your help. I wouldn't have found it without your request to post the macros and data!!


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