More Than One Column In Pivot Table

  • Hi all

    I am in need of urgent help on this. Please help.

    Basically, my table has the following fields: Zone (north, East, west, south), depots in each zone (D101, D102 in North and D201, D202 in South),product code (S101, S102...S100) then sales data for three stores 1, 2, 3.

    My original table has the depot code, zone it belongs to and sales of each of the product made to each of the store per depot.

    In the Pivot table, I shall need to show Branch and the Product codes on the row-side, and require store codes 1,2,3 to appear on the columns. The data area thus needs to be a summation of D101, D102 for North (for each of the product-codes) and D201, D202 for the South region.


    I am unable to display 1,2,3 as separate columns.

    Please help me in this. Thanks a lot!

  • Re: More Than One Column In Pivot Table

    Hi Robert

    Thanks for your reply. Your answer is almost the same. In your solution, you have North, East split under every product code. However I required all product codes listed under North first, then again repeat them under South, etc...

    I shall be very thankful if you can explain how to do it myself. Thanks again...

  • Re: More Than One Column In Pivot Table

    Thanks, Arthur.


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