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    I am working on a spreadsheet that is very large. Opening the spreadsheet and even operating the spreadsheet with the cells off of manual calc can slow down the computer quite a bit. The spreadsheet has quite a few sheets, alot of data, very basic formatting, and alot of vlookup (as well as other) formulas. Does anybody know any effective ways of dealing with huge files like this?

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    The file is huge and we can't really split it up and the vlookups are neccessary (unless there is another way of doing the same thing with less memory). Alot of data is stored in it and alot of the formulas reference the same dataset. Maybe a way to locate or organize the dataset or some formatting changes? There are some formulas that might not always be used if that helps?

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    it is difficulkt to give any advise, without knowing which data contains and what how your workbook is structured. A possible solution could be to move to a database and use excel as a Front-End.

    Can't you post a reduce version with the major functionality in it?


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    Depending on how often the data change versus how often the workbook is opened, it might be worth replacing the formulas with a macro that calculates the results and places them in the appropriate cells. The macro, once written, will take longer to do the calculations, but once done, the workbook will be smaller and should open faster.

    Or perhaps a pivot table could replace the many lookups and other calculations, particular if tied to data stored in Access or elsewhere as filippo suggests.

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