[Solved] Formulas: Button to List Row Titles

  • I Have a worksheet with a large list of items. I would like to place a button that if I click on it it would let me select the section in the row by looking at a list.

    Baby Products
    product 1
    Product 2 etc.
    Mens Products
    Product 1
    Product 2 etc
    Womans Products
    Product 1
    Product 2 etc.

    How can I have a button that will let me select baby, mens or womans products and go to that section?

  • Will,

    There may be 50 different types of products and not all of them are known, so it would be better to have a drop down list, but I don't know how to create one.

  • Hi Cronina,

    This may get you started - its not real elegant. Just a simple combo box with a drop down list - when the value is changed, it runs a macro that does a FIND on Col A. The ranges need to be expanded for more entries


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