[Solved] VBA: Data Reorganisation in Excel

  • using excel 97 on windows NT
    looking for a macro or some VBA code to do the following

    i have 2 columns of data (one pair)eg
    T1 L1
    T2 L2
    T3 L3
    T4 L4
    T5 L5
    T6 L6
    ..........etc etc

    and i want to organise it as follows:

    T1 L1 T2 L2 T3 L3 T4 L4
    T5 L5 T6 L6 T7 L7 T8 L8
    T9 L9 .......etc etc

    ie 4 pairs per row
    any help greatly appreciated

  • Hi wildboar,

    Give the attached at try.

    Run the macro called MoveData by pressing Alt-F8 and selecting that macro to run.

    View the code by going in the VBE Alt-F11.

    Hope this helps


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