[Solved] Formulas: Using IF function and absolute referencin

  • I am new to this so if anyone can help me with this I would really appreciate it.

    I need to write a formula for cell J1 that multiplies cell P3 times the sum of cells Q10 through Q13. and write the formula so that when copied to cells K1 and L1, excel adjusts all the cell references according to the new location. I am using excel 2000. windows xl
    thanks in advance.:)

  • Hi kalijwv,

    the formula =P3*SUM(Q10:Q13) will give you what you need for cell J1.

    If you copy that down to K1 it will change to =P4*SUM(Q11:Q14)

    Not sure if that's exactly what you want - - if not post back.


  • Yes, That is what I needed, thanks so much. you made it loook so easy, some of this stuff is like Greek to me. lol but I think I can get the others right. thanks again Ralph....

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