Network Printer 'ActivePrinter' of object'_Application' failed

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    I am having trouble printing a page to both a local printer (which works fine) and a network printer (which does not work)
    Both printers are installed on the Computers.
    The error message I get when I try to run the macro is
    Run-Time ERror '1004':
    'ActivePrinter' of object'_Application' failed.

    The codes that I have used are

    Application.ActivePrinter = _
            "\\\Despatch Toughend & Batch reports (L164) on Ne05:"


    Application.ActivePrinter = _
            " \\sauwtpfs01\pauwtp0305 on Ne05:"


    Application.ActivePrinter = _
            " \\sauwtpfs01\pauwtp0305"

    It works on the day I record the macro. As soon as the next day comes around I get the error message.

    When I click debug it is these lines that are highlighted in yellow. I have looked at this for several days on and off and I always get the same error.

    Your assistance is greatly appreciated...


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    We use code tags around VBA in the forum like a foundational religious belief. I have added them for you here; please be mindful in the future.

    [SIZE=1]Entia non sunt multiplicanda sine necessitate.[/SIZE]

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    Try not to get to involved in UNC to full DOS paths, this is a part of a procedure Jack wrote and I use every day, Jack wont post all the codes as is very complex and involves CLASS files coupled with events, this will help

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    Quote from Andy Pope

    Does the Ne05: part of the reference change at all?

    I'm not sure whether the assignment for net port is a static thing or variable everytime you restart the pc.

    The NE05 does change. I recorded a new macro yesterday and it came up with NE02

    Even our IT guys are stumped... But I might try to see if they know about this NE## changing. :)

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