Renaming Of Worksheet Tabs From List

  • Hello. I have a workbook with 37 sheets in it. 36 of them are three per month (e.g JanCash, JanWeekly, JanMCR, etc) Since we make updates/changes to the file throughout the year I cannot reuse the files. Also since we have accounts on different fiscal years, I need a way to rename the sheet tabs from a list. Does anyone know how I can do this with VBA code?

  • Re: Renaming Of Worksheet Tabs From List

    It sound very inefficient to do it that way. All data could be on one sheet with an identifier column then you could use pivottables.

    What do you want to do have a button that renames the sheets according to a list?

  • Re: Renaming Of Worksheet Tabs From List

    Thanks. This is a lot of work for me, but it saves hours of work each month for 53 other novice users. They are not anywhere as experienced as I am. Given that, I just would like some VBA code that rename the current first 36 sheets based on a list in the 37th sheet.

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