Dynamic Array Seems Invalid

  • Hi all,

    First of all, I'm a relative newbie when it comes to arrays. I tried
    to generate a dynamic array , named 'ClusterValues()' . When I point
    my mouse over 'Array(TStV4)' it seems(!) to be a valid array 'saying'
    "1, 2, 3" , when I test this array using:

    'Application.StatusBar = WorksheetFunction.Index(ClusterValues(), 1,
    1)' , the whole array is printed within the status bar, so what wend

    Thanks in advance!

    - Bas

  • Re: Dynamic Array Seems Invalid


    first of all welcome to the forum.

    the code you provide is missing of some variable initialization
    where are the initial values for:

    TBV ??
    TIV2 ??
    ClusterMembers() ??

    what do you want to achieve with this line?

    ClusterValues() = Array(TStV4)

    you will assign the array to the first element of the array. Is what you want

    can you give some more details and evtl. post a small workbook?


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