Vlookup On Multiple Tabs

  • I have imported a table from my access database. sadly, it has over 65536 rows. I am going to have to break table down into mulitiple sheets on excel.

    Using a VLOOKUP formula normaly like this.


    where E5 is my target,MHIFUPK is the sheet with the table array, and 5 is the price of E5. Now I will have multipe sheets, and I need to be able to refreance all of them in order to find E5. Anyway to do this besides upgrading to 2007, (wish I could get the company to upgrade)

    Thank you.
    Michael McCloud

  • Re: Vlookup On Multiple Tabs


    why instead of importing the table, don't you run a query in Excel for the value in E5?
    let do the work to the database. It's faster, takes less memory and you have no row limitations


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