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  • I have just now dutifully searched here, and elsewhere, on the topic of subforms in Excel VBA, and find nothing. Am I correct in assuming that one simply creates several userforms (and perhaps makes some modal), and launches one form from another? Are there any tutorials on guidelines for using several userforms at once? Thanks!

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    There are no such things as subforms in Excel VBA.

    How you want to precede depends on what you actually want to do.

    Perhaps a multipage control could be useful?:)


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    I am familiar with the multi-page control, and you raise a good point. But out of curiousity, is one ill-advised to use more than one form, or have one form launch another? Are there ever circumstances where people do use several forms? Or should one always stick to the multi-page control?

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    If Userform2 is launched from Userform1, then Userform2 will go away (unasked) when Userform1 is unloaded. This can be annoying.
    If your users have '97, they can't use modeless forms, which makes multiple active forms tricky.

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    Thanks, all! I now have a better understanding of userforms, and the virtue of the multi-page control. I am basically just teaching myself excel and vba, and became cursious based on what I know of forms from Access.

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    IMO, it depends on the complexity of the form tasks whether you use several forms or a multipage on one form. I am just completing a tool for a company that is basically a data entry, but with complex calculations based on the entries. All the calculations are within the VBa and for ease of input I have broken the input into sections each on a separate page of a multiform. My clents are delighted with the look & ease of use.

    On the other hand, I have accounts workbooks which use userforms, but I use different forms for purchases, Income, banking etc. They could be on one form with a multipage, but I chose separate forms because they might need to be accessed by different depts/operators so I went with separate forms.

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