Charts: irregular time-scale axis

  • Hi,

    This is an x-axis time-scale question I've been unable to figure out for some time. Is there anyway to change individual dates that show on the axis while keeping the overall date interval intact? For example the x-axis labels would be: 1/10, 1/15, 1/20, 1/22, 1/25, 1/30...
    Any help here would be GREATLY appreciated.

  • If you 'fiddle' with the major units and minor units of the axis scale you should be able to change the labels.
    If you still have problems try changing the font size or text alignment.

    If you still have problems post back with more specifics.


  • Hi brivera, and Welcome to the board,

    You could rename the X-Axis labels using Rob Bovey's Most Excellent and Highly Desirable "X-Y Chart Labeler". Download it free from here:

    This will let you pick a data series and name the Axis points anything you like, from a list you supply. For example, you could have a chart with those dates on the X-Axis and a list of whose birthdays they are, and use the birthday list to show "Mom", "Dad", "Sis", "Auntie Bill", etc..




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