Tabstrip Vs. Multipage

  • While teaching myself VBA, I wondered what a Tabstrip is and how it differs from a Multipage object.

    The tabstrip and multipage object curiously resemble one another, in that they both have tabs, and hence naturally arouses one's curiosity and raises this question.

    I searched this forum, and found one thread, from several years ago, where some senior members shrugged and said they had never used it. I found little in google, after an hour of searching, except for a Microsoft example which I completed and attached here.

    I still have questions in my mind about exactly when and how one might use a multistrip, but this example helps me a lot, so I felt it might help others as well.

    I am anxious to hear your tips and caveats about multistrips.

    A multistrip appears to be a handy way document related options for the programmatic alteration of the functionality of some aspect of an application, such as color, or font, or perhaps output device.

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    The help on Multipage and tabstrips does go some way to explain the differences.

    Basically the multipage act like a container for your controls, much like a frame. So you can place different controls on each page and not have to worry about hiding them when the page selection changes.
    Where as with the tabstrip you need to do house keeping when the tab selection changes.
    This 'house keeping' is the reason they suggest a consistent layout of controls is more suited to a tabstrip. You still need to change the content of the controls when the tab changes but not the layout or visiblity of the controls.


  • Re: Tabstrip Vs. Multipage

    Heres an example,
    I have a userform with a tabstrip and a listbox. The Tab buttons are linked to the worksheets so when I click on the tab buttons the data from the corresponding sheet is loaded into the listbox.
    If I was to use a multipage then I would need 10 different listboxs and corresponding label buttons etc. With the tab strip I just have one listbox and one set of controls.

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    Thanks Reafidy! Your example is most helpful to me to visualize/conceptualize the utility of a tabstrip.

    I suppose, one tab in a multi-page could be "Comments", but on that page, a listbox might be embedded in a tabstrip, with tabs such as "Collections", "Quality Control", "Sales calls", and so one page of a multipage object, devoted to comments in general might, with one listbox, offer many different topics of comments.


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