Retreiving Data With User Interface

  • If I want to retrieve data from a workbook based on user interface selections and delimitations (e.g. display all customers in Germany with turnover of 1000$) what would be the best way to proceed? E.g. userforms or something else?

  • Re: Retreiving Data With User Interface


    It kind of depends on how the data is layed out. If it's in database format (Columns for fields, Rows for records), you could probably use built in functionality to retrieve data. The example you gave could be easily achieved with Autofilter for example. Database functions are also useful in this situation but tend to be more complicated. Keep in mind that the assumption behind almost all of Excel's native functionality is that the data is laid out in database forma. This will give you and your users the richest set of features and shortest learning period.

    If the data is not organized like a database, you will probably need a user form and some VBA code.


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