Taking Next Highest Number

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    Hard to say how to go on this one. Are you saying that the "next highest number" is based on all dates in the first column of all sheets in the workbook - sort the dates and use up the numbers in the list - change the number returned when a date in between the dates already entered is entered? Does that last sentence even make sense? See why it's going to be hard to help you?

    Maybe we should start with why you want to do this???


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    In C1 of Sheet1 and Sheet2 enter this and copy down =SMALL(Data!A:A,COUNTA(Sheet1:Sheet2!A:A)-RANK(A1,Sheet1:Sheet2!A:A)+1)

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    Thanks for both your replies.

    Brian, I have tried your formula and it seems to work as I wanted. Many thanks for prompt reply and help.

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