Controls (Control Toolbox): Get values from Spreadsheet 9.0

  • Hi All

    I'd like to have a table in a UserForm which the User can fill with values, which are then used in various calculations when a "Calculate" button is clicked.

    The finished form is going to be part of an Add-In, so I don't want to go the "Put data in a textbox, press OK, copy to a background sheet, clear textbox, repeat" route.

    The MSO Spreadsheet 9.0 object looks the biz, but I can't find out how to use it this way, only for putting spreadsheet data on a web page.
    I’ve put one on the UserForm, formatted just nicely, but I don’t seem to be able to return the values from the cells.

    I’ve got this code on the Button_Click() event:

    txtTotup.Value = WorksheetFunction.Sum(Spreadsheet1.Columns(1))

    If I’ve got 12, 12, 12 in cells A1 to A3, the textbox shows “12”, so I’m getting something at least!

    BTW the .Range Property doesn’t work, so

    txtTotup.Value = WorksheetFunction.Sum(Spreadsheet1.Range(“A1:A10”))

    gives an error.

    Any suggestions gratefully accepted



    "Varium et mutabile semper Excel"

  • Hi Chris,

    As you quite rightly point out the range object does not appear to function.

    You can use the .Cells() instead.

    And instead of using a .Worksheetfunction how about using the spreadsheet control to do the calculation. See example;

    With Me.Spreadsheet1
            .Cells(1, 2).Formula = "=Sum(A1:A10)"
            TextBox1.Text = .Cells(1, 2)
        End With

    Hope this helps



  • Hi Andy, thanks for the reply :)

    Yeah, that's about what I'd figured :( I'm still playing/fiddling/tweaking in an effort to make that A1:A10 range dynamic, just like a 'real' spreadsheet, but without success so far!

    BTW: Funny thing that you should be the one to reply, 'cos I bet you can guess where I'm going with this, and what my next post is likely to be :biggrin:;;)

    "If you want to confuse your audience, use statistics. If you REALLY want to baffle 'em, use charts"

    Cheers, Ace



    "Varium et mutabile semper Excel"

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