VBA: Need to link selected data from List Box to another wor

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  • Hi all

    i created a list box whith data in my user form.

    The user would select one of the item, and the select item would appear in Worksheet("data"); cell E1.

    How do i create that link?
    Bear in mind, i went to properties to check, there isnt any function for this.


    Warmest regards

  • James,

    If this is in relation to preious post then the Row Source Property of the list boxx would be Date and the Control Source Proerty of the list box will be sheet1!a1 to place whichever value the users chooses in A1 on sheet 1.


  • Hi Pesky,

    i tried inputing Projection!E1 at Control Source property at the user form... but it returns this error message:
    Could not set Control Source property.Invalid property value.

    How? how?


    Warmest regards

  • Hi James,

    I tried to reproduce your Error' but it works fine for me..
    Have you got any extra quote marks or spaces in your ControlSource or RowSource property names? The only way I could get the Error was if I put "Projection!E1" (complete with quotes).



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  • I tired and make sure there isnt any spaces... but the error mesg persist

    would u mind sending me ur example?


    Warmest regards

  • Try the attached.

    The items for the ListBox are on the sheet "data". Click the button on "data" to show the form, then select an item from the list. Click OK to dismiss the form, then have a look at "Projection" - the value you chose is in E1 :yes:

    Hope this helps


    Varium et mutabile semper Excel


    "Varium et mutabile semper Excel"

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