Code A1 To Blink When Calculation Is Manual

  • Hi all the great people,

    I have to alternate dozens of times each day between Automatic and Manual Calculation in my spreadsheet. Sometimes I erroneously pasted the formulated output as values without realizing that Calculation had not been done. As a result, I made many errors.

    Appreciate very much if someone can help me with a code such that whenever the Calculation mode is set to Manual on the worksheet, the content (or can be color-fill) in cell A1 will blink as a warning. Alternatively, you can also code all cells in Row 1 to blink whenever Calculation is in manual Mode.

    Sub ManualCalculation()
        Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual
    End Sub

    Thanks a bunch.

  • Re: Code A1 To Blink When Calculation Is Manual


    There is a way to start VBA code whenever certain events occur. Unfortunately, there is not an event called "On Change of Calculation" or such.

    However, if you want to, you could use the "Before Save" event to start code that would, for example, always turn calculation back to automatic.

    Hope that helps,

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