Combine Multiple Worksheets In One Workbook

  • I have multiple workbooks and each workbook can have anywhere from 1-20 worksheets and each worksheet is named differently. What I need to be able to do is combine all the worksheets into one master worksheet for each workbook (I don't want to combine workbooks). What I would like to do is create a template that I can use where all I would need to do is change the file name of the workbook and it would automatically combine the worksheets. Any guidance is greatly appreciated!

  • Re: Combine Multiple Worksheets In One Workbook


    If you check the other posts that have to do with combining worksheets just above your post ("Possible Answers"), you can find some code to possible modify to do what you need.

    I've found in situations like this that if the worksheets are layed out in a predictable format, there may not be any need for a macro. For example if all the worksheets have data only within the range A1:H100, you can just use a "Master" worksheet in the same workbook with formulas that refer to each worksheet and end up with a pretty nice summary of all the details or such. Another technique that I've found useful is the camera tool (add the icon to your toolbar from the customize dialogue box under tools). Just take a picture of the cells on the detail sheets you want to use in your summary sheet and paste them onto the summary sheet. The cells will be linked to the source data and automatically update. This is more useful when you don't necessarily want the whole sheet in the summary sheet.

    Hope that helps,

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