Pivot Table

  • I have downloaded your Pivot Table macro spreadsheet. Is it possible to change the code so that the column headers A1 and B1 appear in the ROW AREA of the pivot table and the "COUNT" in the field area is changed to "SUM"

  • Re: Pivot Table

    Hi Dsuperc,

    Welcome to the forum. The people who will answer your questions are mostly volunteers so we don't necessarily know what you downloaded or what code you're talking about. So, could you post the code or ask a more specific question?

    On the off chance you're asking how to change a Pivot Table, try right clicking the Pivot Table and choose the Pivot Table Wizard. This should take you to a dialog box that can help you experiment with the Pivot Table. Don't be afraid to make changes because you can always use the undo button if you don't like the result.


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