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    Hey Norie:

    Thanks for the code. I can make use of that. Can you use something like that to pull "All the text" from that URL back to Excel (like in Select All, Copy, PasteSpecial) rather than using SendKeys? The existing URL listed in your Test Sub would be fine to use in the example. If so, could you please modify the Test Sub code to show the code?



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    Thanks to Norie, Tom, Ivan, and Dave for your responses. All your suggestions work fine.
    Here is Norie's Test code modified with Ivan's ExecWB commands, which work fine for me.
    This code will copy the Web page to the Clipboard and then paste the clipboard into Excel
    (the PasteSpecial command will paste only the text, omitting links and objects)

    Thanks again,
    Jerry D

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    Good to see you've got something working.:)

    Rather than using the select all and paste method why not try this.

    The reason I prefer something like this is because you have more control over what you are actually getting from the page.

    The above code extracts all the text but code can also be used to, for example, identify a particular table(s) and extract the data from that.


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    Yes, I like this. No need for the clipboard. No need for the Sendkeys. You've gone the extra mile Norie. Thanks.


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