Graph Rational Function

  • when graphing a rational function (y = 1/x) i get a line crossing the asymptote (y axis for this function...)

    ?how can i stop this...?


    thank you.

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    Obviously, dividing by zero is the cause.

    You could delete A12:B12.

    Or click once on the line chart, and again on the part between -1 and 0 on the axis. Format that part of the line invisible. Do the same for the part between 0 and 1.




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  • Re: Graph Rational Function

    thank you...! (i deleted x = 0)...

    ?could you explain further about the line chart and make invisible...?

    and what is the best way to show the y axis going (vertically) through the origin...?

    thank you...!

  • Re: Graph Rational Function

    If you want to see the asymptotic behavior of rational functions, you need to plot for values of x that exponentially approach the poles from either side (i.e., not plot through them).

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