Maintain formula references while inserting co

  • I have a question. When i input data into sheets using VBA, it also inserts columns to add some data. When it does this, it changes the reference I have on another sheet to values in that sheet. Is there a way that i can keep the reference in the one sheet from moving when I insert columns on the sheet that it is referencing, besides using $$$. It still moves the reference.

    To clarify, a formula in the "raw" sheet references column groups $D:$G in the "R1" sheet. When VBA finishes inserting the columns into the R sheets, the reference in the formula changes to $F:$I. Is there a way to maintain the correct reference in the formula on the "raw" sheet while inserting columns in the "R1" sheet. Thanks for the help!!!

    I hope this makes sense...

  • Why dont you try inserting the formula after into the cells that you want after you have inserted the columns within the macro:

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