Which ActiveX-controls (ocx) are installed?

  • Hi guys,

    My first question for help so please bear with me :biggrin:

    I need to know if following Active-X controls are available on Your computers with Windows 2000 or Windows XP as operatingsystem:

    If yes, which is the latest version of ADO Object Library available on the computer?


    If available they should be located in the System32-folder.

    Yes, my computers have too many MS Development-tools which mess it up for me.

    For those of You who wonder what I´m up to please see below about SQL Tester :)

    Many thanks in advance,


  • Hi Dennis

    I am running Windows XP and both files are present in System32 folder. I will check 2000 on my daughter's computer tomorrow.

    Your project looks really interesting. Good luck with it.

  • My XP has both, will check 2000 professional at work on monday.


    (Looking forward to having a play with it Dennis)

    Details as follows

    MSADODC.OCX version 6.00.8171
    MSDATGRD.OCX version 6.00.8169

  • Hi Dennis :)

    WinXP.....I have both.

    These are old DAO ocxs......98

    Latest MDAC on my system (XP) is msadox.dll version:=2.71.9030.0

    I beleive MDAC 2.8 ships in Microsoft Windows Server 2003 but supports Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP

    Looks cool :) do you need beta testers :D

  • Quote

    Originally posted by Ivan F Moala
    Latest MDAC on my system (XP) is msadox.dll version:=2.71.9030.0

    on mine, latest MDAC (msadox.dll) is 2.70.7713.0


  • Hi guys,

    Many thanks for Your input :)

    I decided to add both the ocx and dll and the dep-files with the package (with version and date control) because I have XP Developing version and their seems to be more upto date.

    Edit: The true story is that the ocx that are shipped with XP Developer are the type "editable" and necessary to run own developed solution that includes this ocx.

    Yes, MDAC 2.8 is latest but I decided to set the minimumlevel to version 2.5.

    It´s remarkable that if we want to distribute MDAC we need to take the whole package which is about 3 MB....

    Yes, all of You have been added to the beta-group including You Ivan :)

    One person (WillR) is testing the installation-package and when he confirm it is working then the beta-version will be shipped out.

    Thanks for Your support and interest!

    Kind regards,

  • Hi Dennis:

    I'd be very interested in beta-testing SQL Tester. I don't really want to get into developing a similar product for my customers to use with my application but would recommend your product.

    What would be the single license price in Canada and what would a bulk licence purchase discount look like.


    Barbara - aka The Cat Lady :cat:

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  • Dennis,

    My Win 2000 with serv pk 4 only has one file

    MSADOCA version

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  • Dennis,
    I also found on my win 2000

    msadox.dll version 2.53.6200.0

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