Conditional Formatting: copying separate workbooks into one

  • Hi duke,

    That's a pretty open-ended question..

    How many workbooks do you need to combine? Are they in the same directory? All worksheets formatted the same in each workbook? Do you need to add the values together from Sheet1!A1 in each workbook and put the result in Sheet1!A1 of the combined workbook?

    Pass on a few more details of the project and I'm sure someone can help get you started. Also try using the search function here to look for other posts on the same subject - I think there have been a few similar that may help.


  • Re: Conditional Formatting: copying separate workbooks into one

    Ok I need to combine only the Lines with data from sheet1 and Sheet2... sheet10 into sheet100 and I need to exclude the first 6 lines from each sheet.
    there is an average of 10 lines and 20 col from each sheet.
    then to seperate each sheets data will be a line with the sheets name.

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