[Solved] VBA: Auto_open/Enable Macro's

  • By using the Auto_open macro, I am planning to automatically run reports. What command sequence do you use to auto enable macro's instead of having the command pop up asking you this question. I am scheduling this excel sheet to run and close automatically without user intervention.

    Thanks for your help.


  • Hi skersch,
    You cannot automatically disable the 'enable macros' pop-up. This is a security feature to protect users from malicious macros'. It would be like an internet download that automatically disabled your firewall or anti-virus.

    It is up to individual users to select their security settings.
    Under Tools-Macro-Security users may set their macro security to High, Medium or Low. High disables all macros, Medium gives the pop-up alert, and Low lets all macros run without the pop-up alert.

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