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    In my department, we curently complete a spreadsheet daily for Full Time Equivallent (FTE) Figures. Each day is saved as current date ie 29.06.07 in a folder named with the relevant month (i.e J:/shared/FTE/June/29.06.07)

    My manager now wants to be able to compare the data for the whole of each month. Im looking for advice on the best way to do this. Ive had a few options already, for example: add a new sheet to each day, which compares with last five days. Or create a new workbook in the "june" folder, which references every spreadsheet in the folder. Ive also had a suggestion of using MS Acess but have no expierence of that.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated


  • Re: Compare Data With Other Workbooks

    Why is it necessary to have a new sheet for each day?

    If you are not up to speed with Access you could use Excel as a database by storing all the data in one workbook on one sheet (with the data identified using the date of the data) - then you could base a Pivot table report on that sheet & be able to create a time based report - but we would need to know what your current data looks like n order to ofer more detailed advice...

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