Pivot Table: Display Category Name From Another Worksheet

  • Dear all,,

    I have a problem here.
    Kindly refer to atteched spreadsheet.

    In the worksheet, you find 2 worksheet:
    1. Category : Stores the Category code and description
    2. Transaction: Stores the Category Transactional information.

    IN the Transaction spreadsheet, you find 2 pivot.
    1. Default Pivot table view
    2. Desired Pivot table view

    Using the standard Pivot Table wizard, i am able to create that view. Now, i would like my pivot table ("Default Pivot Table") to display like "Desired Pivot Table", with category name.

    1. It has to display the Category Name
    2. It has to display all category names even if there are no transactional information for that category code.

    What i have tried so far:
    In order to display, my only method is to vlookup the code from Transaction worksheet's category code to return category name. I want to find out if there are ways in which i would not touch any formulas/macros.... as my data for each month will be changing, i wanna minimise the truncation of data.

    Pls help...


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