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  • I am having a problem with a Gill Sans MT font. I am fairly new to PC's and I have just started a basic I.T. course. At the moment we are studying Word. In college we have to do our work in the Gill Sans MT font. I am using office XP and I have no Gill Sans MT font in my list. If I open a document from college my copy of word does recognise it is a Gill Sans MT font but the Gill Sans MT font is still not in my drop down menu. If I want to do homework I have to open a saved word doc from college copy a word, open a new word doc and then past the word so everything I type after that will be in the Gill Sans MT font. Should I have the Gill Sans MT font in my office XP? I have found an easy to understand tuorial on how to add fonts to my PC (Win XP) but when I search for the Gill Sans MT font I can only find links for places to buy the whole Gill Sans family of fonts. Is there anywhere I can find this font or can I get it from the office XP CD?

  • Hi enner,

    The Gill font files (there are 8 font files) are in the OFFICE1.CAB file on the Microsoft Publisher CD in Office XP Pro. I could not find them on the install CD for Word/Excel, etc. If you have Office Pro, you can either install Publisher and the font files will be included or you can unzip them from the .CAB file.

    Hope this helps


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