Time Tracking Chart

  • Hi

    I'm having a problem with a chart that I would like to make
    I would like to keep track of time when Trucks arrive at our plant
    (the trucks can come 5 days a week )
    so it looks I have a lot of date to put in a chart !
    I have 2 possible solutions to track time (please see attached)
    what do you think is the best way to keep data, furthermore If I try to make a chart
    it does not show any data ( something with the way I track the hour ?)
    And finally what would be an appropiate chart to have an clear overview according you guys?

    any help would be appreciated !

  • Re: Build Chart Time Tracking

    hi crombes,

    i'd go for yr solution 1 layout as obviously there are more rows than columns (unless you're using Vista).

    also, you should enter the dates/times as time and not as text, ie. 16:00 and not 16h00

    lastly, i think XY scatter should be a good choice for the overview.

    Xlite :sheep:
    [st]All you need to learn VBA is an internet connection and Ozgrid.com[/st]

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