[Solved] Automatic links

  • I have a series of workbooks that have been revised and then saved with the same name but with a revised date added to the file name - abc.xls, abc rev 9-23-03.xls, abc rev 9-25-03.xls etc. When I open any one of these work books I get a message that says that the workbook I opened contains automatic links to information in another workbook and asks if I want to update this workbook with changes made to the other workbook. Is there a way to remove these automatic links? I have tried Tools, Options, Calculation, and unchecked the update remote references but this doesn't help. Is there something I am missing?
    Thanks for your help.

  • What file is the link to? Is the link needed and you just want to supress the message or do you want to delete the link and can not find out where it is? If the latter, it may be a link in one of your defined names or in a chart reference. If it is a link yiou want remved and you can't find it, perhaps you could post one of the workbooks and someone on the forum could then find it and tell you how to remove it.

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