Extract & Email As Attachment

  • Hi,

    I've spent all day trying to to solve this so if anyone knows..... THANK YOU!

    I have a very large table where the first column shows peoples names (about 10 different names). I need to take out all the information that corresponds to each individual, form a new individual specific table somewhere else and email it to them for their own records. I have been trying to make a loop function where by the data is extracted and then sent as an attachment in an email to each individual but it seems to be way above me.

    If anyone knows the codes for forming the new table or send the email as part of a loop that'd be fantastic.


  • Re: Extracting Data From Table And Emailing It As Attachment

    Does this work? I didnt make it do an attachment or any fancy formatting in the string, but hopefully itll get you started.

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