[Solved] Formulas: Vlookup or something like it?

  • I have a large master worksheet with colums like this:
    Account #, Name, Address, Status

    I also have a list with Account # and the word "Paid" representing their status.

    I need to highlight the Account # in the master in Blue if the status is paid. How can I do this?

  • Hi Cornina,

    Are both lists in the same workbook?
    Is it possible to include the "Paid" status in the master list instead of a seperate list?

    I'm thinking "Conditional Formatting" here.


  • One person is in charge of the master list and it's just the way she want's it. If I give her the account # of the people that have paid, can I use some kind of Vlookup macro to say "if this account number is in the master list, turn the account numer in the master list blue".?

  • I believe Ralph's (rem1224) suggestion of Conditional Formatting is the right thing to try, but per his question of if things are in the same workbook is important to know how (or if it is possible) to formulate an appropriate condition.

    Let's say your data are all in the same workbook but different sheets. Let's also say that your Master Sheet has the Acct # in Column A and your list of paid accounts is in Sheet2 with the Acct # in column A also.

    Then, since conditional formatting likes the referrence data to be on the same sheet, you could need to use a Named Range (see the attached) in the condition formula -- which can be a VLOOKUP with FALSE (exact match) to get the conditional coloring.

    See the attached.

  • I tried this conditional formating and adapted it to fit my needs. It's working fine. I have another idea for it too. Thank you for your help

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