VBA: value copy of a sheet

  • Hi,
    I want to copy a sheet from one workbook to another and only values are wanted. How should I go about it? Is there a simple way to do it rather than using paste special?


  • Hi Philip,

    Paste Values is about the easiest way. Instead of going throught the Edit / Paste Special / Values menus, you could add the Paste Value button to your toolbar - Under View / Toolbars / Customize / Commands - look in the EDIT category and drag the Paste Values icon up to the toolbar where you want it (looks like a clipboard with "12" on it).


  • Hi Philip,

    If you want to code this in VBA, try recording a macro when you a) copy the sheet, select the entire sheet, copy the selected contents and then paste as values.

    Most of what comes out is pretty straight forward to understand and can then be edited to suit your particular needs.


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