Monday Funny

  • Bubba had been going to the University of Oklahoma for 11 years and
    > couldn't graduate. One day, the dean of students calls Bubba into his

    > office and says, "Bubba, we're going to give you the opportunity to
    > graduate. In a month, at half time of the
    > homecoming football game, we are going to bring you out on the field
    > ask you one question. If you get it right, you get your degree. If
    > get it wrong, you have to go home without it and not come back."
    > Bubba agreed to this and ran off to start studying. He studied
    > and day for a month. Finally the day came. It was a special day with

    > homecoming and Bubba's shindig. The whole stadium was packed
    > with Oklahoma students and alumni, all waiting to see how Bubba would
    > The dean stepped up and said, "Bubba, are you ready for your
    > Bubba said he was. The dean said, "Bubba, what is 3 X 3?"
    > Bubba thought about it for about ten minutes and then finally stepped
    > to the microphone and said, "9?"
    > Before the dean could respond, thousands of the students and alumni of

    > Oklahoma jumped up and yelled, "GIVE HIM ANOTHER CHANCE!!"

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  • Re: Monday Funny


    Only in Big 12 country will that fit!!!

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