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  • How does one add data to a field that has existing data? For example, say I have a list of different people names and want to say the word "visitor" at the end of each name how is that done for an entire list without have to do it one by one. Also how do I add a word to the beginning of a list of names as well? ANy help is appreciated. Please make it simple, as I am an average user. Just basic spreadsheets that add and multiply.


    PS: I am using Excel 2003.

  • Re: Adding Data

    If you have "Fred" in A1 and put the formula


    =A1 & " visitor"

    in A2 the result will be "Fred visitor". Then drag the formula down as far as necessary, assuming your data is in a column. If you want to replace the original data then copy the formulae results and paste special (values) over the original, and delete the formulae.

    You could also do it with VBA code.

  • Re: Adding Data

    Eddie, try Google your Thread Title choice (Adding Data ) and see just how selfish it is! This forum is all about sharing. Those who ask questions cannot share much, but they should at least try to give back by using a helpful and search friendly Title along with a well written description of the problem.

    Please do so in future, just as you agreed to in the rules when joining! Make no mistake, our rules here are enforced and are not hollow.

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