VBA: File saving to a disc

  • Questions:
    1. How can I make it paste to the disc? (The ActiveSheet.Paste I can not get it to work)

    2. How can I save it to any file name (One file) on the disc, Not have the "County" name in the code.

    Thank you very much for all of your help.

    I. The office puts 5 columns of data on to an Excel sheet contained on a disc. The disc has a Start macro on it and he clicks on it and it loads the 5 columns on to the HD.

    II. The Excel file and disc is given a unique name .
    (The disc and its file on the disc will have the same name, one file per disc)
    (Each Disc will have a different name)

    III. The disc is given to a field person and he loads ("Start" Macro) the disc data
    on to his laptop HD which has a mirror image of the disc Excel sheet
    with a master program in it to calculate the data that he enters on to the Excel Sheet.

    iV. When all of the data has been entered on the Excel sheet on his laptop HD with the previous 5 columns of data and
    and the new 10 columns of calculated data.

    V. He clicks a "Save" macro which takes the completed Excel sheet and transfers it to the disc.
    Thank you so very much for all of your help.

    This is a small sample part of the "SAVE" macro code. This macro is located on the HD in the master program and is not loaded with the Start macro from the disc.


    Dim County As String
    County = Dir("A:\*.xls")
    Workbooks.Open "A:\" & County


  • Are you talking about burning to a CD - you will really need Nero or RecordNow or similar to backup your data and a CD Writer in each computer. It is not really clear what you need to do. Why don't you have the Workbook on each Laptop and transfer it to a Main Computer in the usual way

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