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  • Hi all

    I have just recently finished inputting data into a spreadsheet which is a whole bunch of survey responses and I am trying to figure out the best way of now “analysing” it. Unfortunately the questionnaire consists of various types of questions, including some open ended, some where the participant selected a number on a scale, or the participants could select any number of options (e.g. tick any that apply).

    From a brief search, I see that you can’t have two headings as such for a pivot table so I am wondering what the best approach might be. I have attached a sample spreadsheet with some of the questions if it helps. I have a hunch though that it’s going to be a matter of analysing each question individually and using filters and countif formulas (see attached).

    Your input would be appreciated before I jump in and start doing everything manually :smile: .


  • Re: Survey Results In Pivot Table

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for looking at my question.

    I had thought to keep the top level questions grouped with the possible answers. I'm not too cluey with pivot tables so maybe I just don't understand the extent of what they can/can't do.

    If I try and add Busy, Stressed, Tired etc. to the row area of my pivot table Excel seems to want to add it to the right of the existing one, and not below it. Is there a way that Excel can do a Pivot table like the example thrown up in the "data" spreadsheet?


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