Remove Duplicates Of Multiple Columns

  • Re: Remove Duplicates Of Multiple Columns

    Can you check
    1) delete x = line for the first time
    2) delete y = line for the second time

    to see when you get the error?

    I need to go off-line very sortly and will be busy tomorrow.

    I will reply to you day after tomorrow, if you still need a help.

  • Re: Remove Duplicates Of Multiple Columns

    I deleted the x= line from the code and the code ran ...didnt do anything to the test file but it did run,

    Then I replaced the x = line and delted the y= line and I got a comiple error 1004

    Yes I need to start thinking of cooking dinner and geting things ready for tomorrow too,...

    Thanks heaps for all your help so far....

    Would you be Ok if I post this code up to a new thred tomorrow and ask others to see why it wont run...will that be Ok with you ????

    Jindon ...Thank HEAPS

    Tony :-)[hr]*[/hr] Auto Merged Post;[dl]*[/dl]HI Jindon

    yes someone else gave us some were very close..with the second bit of code

    your code for the first bit works fine -FANTASTIC

    here is the solution to the second bit (only needed minor change)

    thanks again for your help Jindon


    Tony Mos :)

  • Re: Remove Duplicates Of Multiple Columns

    Tony, I must say that you are going to be constantly finding issues with your current Workbook design. I would bite the bullet and use Excel as it's intended rather than catering to a bad design.

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