Labels in Word/Excel

  • Evening you all...

    I have an XL-sheet with addresses, need to make address labels out of these (guess importing them to Word is the easiest way). However...

    Some of the recepients need more then one label - this shows in one column "No of labels". Anyone got any idea how to get excel/word to make the number of labels for one specific receptient if the number is more then one?


  • Hi Daniel,

    The following (in Excel) will open up a word document and start putting info into text fields

    Dim Temp
    Dim myFile As String, myPath as String
    myPath = "c:\mydocuments"
    Let myFile = "\myWord.doc
    Set WordApp = CreateObject("Word.Application")
    Set WordDoc = WordApp.Documents.Open(myPath & myFile)
    WordDoc.fields(1).Result.Text = Record.Cells(1, 1).Value

    Now this can be placed in a loop for each of the labels on your spreadsheet and can also include extra copies depending upon the value in the cell "No of Labels"

    Now the tricky part . . .
    I am not too clear on the label printing option so you'll need to format the word doc so that every address thrown at it will appear where a label is. Try using tables, that might help and remember that each cell in the table will need a field with a name that can be got at by excel based on a counter.

    Hope this giives you a start as I've noticed nobody has replied to your post for a few days.


  • Word can use an Excel spreadsheet as a data source for mail merge . Just make sure that your column names are in row 1 and the data starts in row 2. Simply have two entries for the addresses that need them

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