Spreadsheet Uses At Work

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  • Spreadsheet Uses At Work 17

    1. Other. (1) 6%
    2. I don't understand spreadsheets at all. (0) 0%
    3. I develop spreadsheet applications for others to use. (8) 47%
    4. I use spreadsheets to automate the work I do (data collection, etc.). (7) 41%
    5. I use spreadsheets to hold information and make reports. (0) 0%
    6. I use spreadsheets others have developed. (1) 6%

    The spreadsheet has been around for a long time. Even in the electronic form, it has been around for over a quarter century. How has the electronic spreadsheet improved or changed your job?

    I'm taking a course in computer applications and will be using any information I get in replies to this thread in my term paper.

    Thanks in advance for all replies,

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