Zeros Not Showing

  • Can anyone figure out what i have done to my worksheet to cause my problem? When i put a "0" in a currency formatted cell, the result is a blank cell. If i put any other number in there other than "0" it shows a dollar amount of that value (even .00001 works).

    I have also noticed that before i put a zero in that cell, i can go to the format of that cell, select currency, and i see a sample in the sample box ($0.00). But if i go to that cell, put a "0" in it and return to the format of the cell, the sample box is now blank and it doesn't even show a $ sign.

    I know the "0" is in the cell because i can see it in the formula bar. But on the sheet itself it does not display it.

  • Re: Zero Dollar Amount Returns A Blank Cell

    UGH! I just knew it was something like that but i could not find it. Thank you so much good sir.

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